Curious About Christianity?

Being With Course

Would you like to explore the Christian faith with us? The Being With course is based on the belief that to find the meaning of life we need each other. We need to spend time being present and attentive to others who may be different to us and to ourselves and the world around us. As we do this we can discover a way to be attentive to God and discover that God is present to us. The course offers a gentle exploration of the inclusive, sacramental, and positive approach to Christianity we aim to foster at St Barnabas. It’s particularly created for those who want a supportive space to explore Christian spirituality, those looking to deepen their faith or those returning after a significant break from church life.  The course will takes place on Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 8pm. The next course will start on Tuesday 10 January 2023. Click here to book.

We run Being With a number of times per year at St Barnabas. Contact a member of the clergy or look out for notices in the e-newsletter to learn about the next course.