West London Citizens

St Barnabas is a member institution of West London Citizens, the community organising body whose constitution commits it to 'build the capacity of our member institutions and groups to participate more effectively in London's public life.'

The work of the aliiance has included some groundbreaking campaigns for the common good, most recently the Living Wage Campaign at Heathrow Airport. Other areas of organising and advocacy include affordable housing, healthcare and work. St Barnabas is also in the process of becoming a Living Wage employer. 

West London Citizens is a broad-based alliance of member communities from Westminster to Hounslow, founded in 2005. Members are faith, education, labour and third sector organisations who work together for the common good. The focus is the development of people and communities so they have the power to make change on the issues that matter. West London Citizens raise money to employ organisers who support the work through training, relationship building and action. They have a Leadership Team composed of people from member communities who lead and oversee the work. West London Citizens are nonpartisan and have a track record of working with businesses and with Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians.