PP3 Opera - Don Carlos (E) 211 mins | St Barnabas Ealing
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PP3 Opera - Don Carlos (E) 211 mins


Date Saturday, 3 August 2019 19:00 - 23:00
Saint Barnabas Millennium Hall, Pitshanger Lane 204, W5 1QG London, United Kingdom
Ian Hamerton
£10 Film, £5 Supper, drinks/snacks/interval ice creams also available

Set in the 16th century in the aftermath of war between Spain and France, Don Carlo (Roberto Alagna), the heir to the Spanish throne comes to France to meet with his beloved Elizabeth de Valois (Karita Mattila). Inevitably politics divide the lovers, and while Rodrigue (Thomas Hampson) falls in with Flemish rebels, the Inquisition is determined to be the power behind the peace. It contains great music and the stars are allowed to shine with strong characterisations in an elegantly designed production. This is a production that continues in the 19th-century tradition, and in the process delivers the frisson of world-class opera.

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