Pitshanger Pictures - "The Mother" (15) 107m | St Barnabas Ealing

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Pitshanger Pictures - "The Mother" (15) 107m

Wednesday, 21 September 2022 19:30 - 22:45
St Barnabas Hall, 204 Pitshanger Lane, London W5 1QG
Ian Hamerton
£5 (Refreshments available)

The most talked about and controversial British film for years, The Mother centres around an uncomfortably atypical relationship, far more shocking than that of Harold and Maude. May is an ordinary grandmother from the suburbs. When her husband dies on a family visit to London, she recedes into the background of her busy, metropolitan children’s lives. Stuck in an unfamiliar city far from home, May fears that she has become another invisible old woman whose life is more or less over. Until that is, she falls for Darren, a man half her age who is renovating her son’s house and sleeping with her daughter.