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Lent 2020 | 7 Sacred Spaces

Published by JJ Jung on Thu, 13 Feb 2020 11:02

Lent at St Barnabas 2020 – 7 Sacred Spaces 

This year we are introducing an overall theme for Lent that will be reflected in our Lent course and also in our main Sunday services. 

The former of Archbishop of Wales wrote: 

‘The sense of a place being sacred or set apart in some way is a familiar concept in most of the world’s religions. Many speak about church interiors having ‘atmosphere’ – where people detect that the natural and spiritual co-exist. 

Seven Sacred Spaces is an imaginative way of helping us to realise that God is to be found in the midst of situations and encounters which are common to most of us. It is a means of helping us to recognise that our common life as Christians can be strengthened by seeing that God is at work in all kinds of human activities. It is a means of strengthening our life in Christ for us as individuals and as Christian communities, since as a result of the ministry of Jesus we are assured that God is a God who is always in our midst.

The 7 monastic sacred spaces are : 

Cell – place of solitude, prayer and reflection 

Chapel – a place to pray with others linked with the Holy Spirit 

Cloister – a place of encounter, connecting the church community and the world of which it is part. 

Library - a place to learn and share knowledge.

Refectory – a place of hospitality and eating together. A precious space for both host and guest. 

Garden – a place of labour and productivity, a space in which to seek wellbeing and peace 

Chapter - a place of meeting and decision making, carrying our faith with us in all aspects of our life. 

We will reflect on these spaces and their meaning for us in our daily lives during the Lent Course which will take place each Saturday morning in Lent beginning on 29th February at 10am in the Lady Chapel. The discussions from these sessions will be reflected in the Sunday sermons and liturgy to enable everyone to feel part of a spiritual journey towards the Cross and Easter. 

Please think about how you will mark Lent this year – it would be so special if as many of us as possible can make the journey together, sharing our thoughts, prayers and questions with those who have lived the monastic rule throughout history.

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