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Sunday Indabas

Published by JJ Jung on Thu, 26 Sep 2019 12:14

Introducing The Sunday Indabas

Join us as we gather in Indaba for stimulating conversation, food and fellowship on the 2nd Sunday of the month,. This is an exciting new opportunity to explore the intersection between the Christian faith, contemporary issues and our world as well as to connect with each other around a thought provoking subject.  Speakers will range from theologians, writers and elected officials to clergy, artists and members of the congregation.  

Indaba is a Zulu word and means a gathering of the community for  deliberation and discussion about issues affecting the common good.

Sunday 13 October: Fiona Jack on her Sojourn in South Africa

12:30 pm - The Church 

Ordinand Fiona Jack will launch The Sunday Indaba by sharing stories, experiences and moments of growth during her 4 week placement in Johannesburg South Africa. The community meal promises to bring us something of the taste of South Africa.

Sunday 10 November: Jill Coombe on Lebanon Iraq Community Partnership

12:30 pm - The Large Hall

During the next two years, St Barnabas is partnering with Christian Aid on their Lebanon Iraq Community Project. The project supports those displaced by war in the region by working with local partners to strengthen the resilience and social cohesion of young refugees, internally displaced people and their host communities. Jill Coombe, Regional Coordinator for London, will update us about the remarkable work on the ground.  Community Lunch will be a spread of Lebanese food.

Bread for the World is match funding this project 6 to 1. We have agreed a target of £5000 over the next two years which means an incredible contribution of £35000.

Sunday 8 December: Fr. Simon Cuff on Love in Action

12:30 pm - The Large Hall

This Advent we ask ourselves the question: How does the church engage meaningfully with the needs of contemporary society? 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called Catholic Social Teaching (CTS) “the Catholic churches best kept secret’. Fr Simon Cuff, in his new book Love in Action shows why with eloquence and power. Join us as Fr Simon makes accessible that rich tradition of Western Christianity and explains how churches like our own can draw on it to make God’s love tangible in our church, home, neighbourhood and city. 


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