Pitshanger Pictures

Pitshanger Pictures exists to inform, entertain and strengthen community in North Ealing by screening films that stimulate conversation and discussion on questions in life.

No need to book tickets, just come along. Doors open half an hour before the screenings unless otherwise specified.
Ticket prices
All ticket prices include a drink and a snack
Other screenings – child (under 16) £6 / adult £8
Pitshanger Pictures – take 2 – Mondays at 8pm, ticket price £5, excluding drink and snack.Pitshanger Pictures Opera – £10, not including food

Coming Up


Kingsman, (15) (129 mins) – Monday 12th October, 8pm

Still Alice (15) (101 mins) – Saturday 24th October, 8pm

Sunday night opera – TBA – Sunday 25th October, 7pm

Invictus (12) (133 mins) – Monday 26th October




Upcoming Showings

The Imitation Game(12) (114 mins) – Saturday 12th September, 8pm

A gripping, acclaimed thriller that tells the incredible true story of  unsung war hero Alan Turing, the British mathematician responsible for cracking the German enigma code during WW2.  Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley.

The Quiet Man (U) (124 mins) – Monday 14th September – 8pm

Sean Thornton is a retired boxer trying to put the tragedy of accidentally killing an opponent behind him. Returning to the Irish town of his birth, he find happiness when he falls in love with the fiery Mary Kate.  Mary Kate and Sean wed but her brother refuses to pay the dowry.  Starring John Wayne, and featuring the longest fist fight ever filmed.

I’m not scared (15) (101 mins) Italian, subtitled Monday 28th September, 8pm

Coming of age drama played out as a menacing suspense thriller. Set in the desolate beauty of the southern Italian countryside in the late 1970s, the story is told through the eyes of 10 year old Michele. While roaming across the fields and hills around his village with his friends in the summer holidays, Michele stumbles upon an unspeakable crime – the discovery of which changes his life and his relationships with those he loves, irrevocably.