Pitshanger Pictures

Pitshanger Pictures exists to inform, entertain and strengthen community in North Ealing by screening films that stimulate conversation and discussion on questions in life.

No need to book tickets, just come along. Doors open half an hour before the screenings unless otherwise specified.

Mondays & Wednesdays – tickets £5
Saturdays & other screenings – child (under 16) £6, adult £8 (includes drink and snack)
Pitshanger Pictures Opera – £10 (additional cost for food)

NEW : On selected Wednesdays, we will be showing documentary films in the small hall, with new equipment purchased with a grant from the BFI

Coming Up

Sunday 25 June Otello (E) 7pm

Monday 26 June A Monster Calls (15) 8pm

Monday 10 July The Crying Game (18) 8pm

Wednesday 19 July Letters from Baghdad (E) 8.15pm

Saturday 22 July  Whiskey Galore & Passport to Pimlico (PG/U) 7pm, £10/£12 inc supper 

Sunday 23 July Hansel & Gretel (E) 7pm

Monday 12 June Eye in the Sky (15) 8pm

Upcoming Showings

A Monster Calls (15), Monday 26 June

Young Conor struggles to deal with his mother’s terminal illness, the heartless grandmother he must stay with, and the bullying he receives at school from Harry. Gripped by guilt, anger and fear, Conor is given support from a quite unlikely source: a drawing of a great, ancient tree monster that comes to life. With the monster at his back, Conor faces his problems directly with courage and conviction.

The Crying Game (18), Monday 10 July

An IRA film with a difference, Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game takes the Anglo-Irish conflict as the starting point for a thoughtful, often poignant and sometimes humorous examination of gender and identity. Love and terrorism are fused in a violent and suspenseful denouement, where truth manifests itself in an unexpected yet meaningful way.

Letters from Baghdad (E), Wednesday 19 July

Gertrude Bell was a pioneering English writer, archaeologist, diplomat and spy whose travels through the Arabian desert gave her local knowledge unparalleled by her British peers. She played a significant often unrecognised role in British imperial policy-making in the Middle East, notably Iraq.

Whiskey Galore & Passport to Pimlico (PG/U), Saturday 22 July

Ealing Studios’ output from the 1940s and 1950s helped define what was arguably the golden age for British cinema. The Scottish islanders of Todday by-pass war time rationing and delight in smuggling cases of their favourite tipple. Passport to Pimlico was nominated by BAFTA in the Best British Film category.