Pitshanger Pictures

Pitshanger Pictures exists to inform, entertain and strengthen community in North Ealing by screening films that stimulate conversation and discussion on questions in life.

No need to book tickets, just come along. Doors open half an hour before the screenings unless otherwise specified.
Ticket prices
All ticket prices include a drink and a snack
Other screenings – child (under 16) £6 / adult £8
Pitshanger Pictures – take 2 – Mondays at 8pm, ticket price £5, excluding drink and snack.

Pitshanger Pictures Opera – £10, not including food

NEW : On selected Wednesdays, we will be showing documentary films in the small hall, with new equipment purchased with a grant from the BFI

Coming Up

Wednesday 15 March        Life Animated (E)  8.15 pm

Saturday 18 March           Florence Foster Jenkins (PG) 8.00 pm

Monday 27 March             Anomalisa (15)  8.00 pm

Sunday 9 April     Cavelleria Rusticana & Il Pagliacci, 7pm






Upcoming Showings

My Nazi Legacy (15) (96 mins) – Wednesday 15th February, 8.15pm

Holocaust Memorial Day was established in January to ensure that nobody forgets about a horrific milestone in human history.  This film documents how the sons of two Nazi war criminals face the truth of their fathers’ actions with completely different views.

Trumbo (15) (125 mins) – Saturday 18th February, 8pm

One of the victims of the Communist purge in the US in the mid 20th century, Dalton Trumbo was a great screenwriter who continued to stand up to the establishment at great professional and personal cost.  A remarkable performance by Bryan Cranston (Breaking bad) brings the era to life.

The 100 foot journey (PG) (118 mins) – Monday 27th February, 8pm

Dedicated to the memory of the great Indian actor, Om Puri, who died in January this year.  Helen Mirren owns a Michelin star restaurant in a provincial French town, and is faced with the prospect of an Indian restaurant opening opposite, destroying her reputation and taking her clientele.

Ethel and Ernest (PG) (95 mins) – Monday 13th March, 8pm

Get your hankies at the ready for this story of a romance across the decades from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.  Raymond Briggs’ account of his parents’ lives from when they met is brilliantly rendered in animated form as though he drew it himself. A real nostalgia fest for children of the mid 20th century!