Pitshanger Pictures

Pitshanger Pictures exists to inform, entertain and strengthen community in North Ealing by screening films that stimulate conversation and discussion on questions in life.

No need to book tickets, just come along. Doors open half an hour before the screenings unless otherwise specified.
Ticket prices
All ticket prices include a drink and a snack
Other screenings – child (under 16) £6 / adult £8
Pitshanger Pictures – take 2 – Mondays at 8pm, ticket price £5, excluding drink and snack.

Pitshanger Pictures Opera – £10, not including food

NEW : On selected Wednesdays, we will be showing documentary films in the small hall, with new equipment purchased with a grant from the BFI

Coming Up

It’s a life – Weds 28th September

Hiroshima mon amour – Mon 10th October

That sugar film – Weds 12th October

Eddie the Eagle – Sat 15th October

La Traviata – Sun 23rd October

Bridge of spies – Sat 12th November

Son of Saul – Mon 14th November

Madama Butterfly  – Sun 20th November

The English surgeon – Weds 23rd November





Upcoming Showings

Chick Lit (15) (91mins) – Saturday 10th September, 8pm

A brand new release.  A charming comedy about 4 male friends who will literally try anything to save their favourite local pub from closing down.  The group decides to write a chick lit, or more specifically a ‘mummy porn’ novel following the huge success of ‘Fifty shades of grey’. Soon after, the novel gets picked up!

Don Carlo(E) (211 mins) – Sunday 11th September, 7pm. + supper

Family jealousy, threat of rebellion, political back-stabbing and the Inquisition weigh heavily on the court of King Philip II.  The tension finally ignites at the King’s coronation, where a number of heretics are to be burnt at the stake.

Paradis (34) + Harold and Maud (15) (91) – Monday 12th September

A double bill of comedies about sex!

Paradis is a new short film by a young director, Neilson Black, who will hold a Q&A session.

Harold and Maud is a comedy from 1972 charting the unusual relationship between a 21 year old man and a 70+ year old woman whose common interest is funerals.


The scent of green papaya (U) (104) – Monday 26th September, 8pm

A simply ravishing film set in Saigon in 1951.  It is a film of stunning images and subtle observations, of gentle moments that border on the spiritual. It is a visual poem that has won the hearts of critics and audiences alike.